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In addition to 'Who Am I?' on the Home Page I've listed some examples of my interests, experience and research that I've undertaken over the years.

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Adolescence ~ Adverse Childhood Events ~ Anxiety ~ Attachment ~ Bereavement ~

 Boarding School Issues ~ Body Image ~ Bullying ~ Depression ~ Disordered Eating ~ Family Issues ~

High Sensitivity ~ Identity ~ Infertility ~ Loneliness ~ Low Confidence ~ Low Self Esteem ~ Masculinity ~

Neurodiversity ~ Obesity ~ OCD ~ Panic Attacks ~ Personality Disorders ~ Self Harm ~

Relationship Issues ~ Separation ~ Stress ~ Suicide Prevention



Be that Yourself, intimate, family, friends, community, society and everything in between. It is how we are in any of these relationships that often shapes how we experience or interpret life events. I work with adults, couples and young people (16yrs+) and can help you to better understand yourself in regards to others.


Be that expected or unexpected, brand-new or repeated, stretching or debilitating! I help you to navigate what can feel like difficult life transitions, so that you feel more equipped to understand change in all it's forms. I offer long term psychotherapy (12+ weeks) or short term counselling (1-12 weeks).


In a space that is confidential, non-judgemental and (importantly for some) away from family and friends.  I help you make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to increase personal awareness, acceptance and insight. We work together to help you become the best version of yourself.

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